Florida-Politics-U.S. Sequestration and Spring Breakers


Florida’s economy remains resilient in the face of sequestration-with a more balanced budget and a top destination for Spring Breakers and tourists national and international.

Florida has managed its financial affairs on a more balanced fiscally responsible basis and will weather the sequestration.

The rate of the increase in Federal spending is being reined in –impacting Florida in many ways-including defense, education, health & hospitals and many other programs and budgets.

Seems as though the Federal Government needed some good old basic spending adjustment like we all have experienced in one way or another.

Fortunately, the Sunshine State will withstand this rare sign of Washington spending restraint.  Florida’s climate, beaches, entertainment, festivals, events and recreational options will maintain, and is elevating, it’s top tourist destination position.  The Sunshine State continues to lead in organic growth, second home acquisition, and the preferred place, in which, to retire.    Drawing spring breakers, to sand and surf, ready to party and have fun from Panama City Beach to South Beach and Miami to the Keys.  Snow birds escaping the challenging weather, family vacations, Orlando attractions, international travel.  Not surprising Florida is doing so well with so many excellent lifestyle options and entertainment and appeal to young and old –partier and those seeking rest and relaxation.

Add to this a strong and improving business and economic climate for our Peninsula.

Florida is situated in a, hard earned, fortunate position, on many fronts, and has an extremely bright sunny future.



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