Florida Continued Leader in Digitization and Politics in US

AirForceOneoverMtRushmoreFlorida continues to make digital & political history related to a period of over 500 years.

In St. Augustine, FL, in the Historic District, Catholic Diocese documents dating back to 1594 are being replicated via digitization.  More than 6,000 pages of documents are being digitized. Florida will celebrate its birthday this year looking for a cake to hold 500 candles and have these documents up on HD viewing screens at the party will be a nice addition. Will the PDF’s of the doc’s reveal ads were being used on the pages back then?  Or will digital ads be inserted in the new digital versions as they are public domain?

President Obama will fly into Miami, Florida this Friday, March 29, 2013.  His visit appears to be focused on the Port of Miami Dredge Project and the related job creation related to this multi-party project. The attached image of Air Force One-depicts a very nice, protected and secure, way to travel by air.

As far as the US Presidential race for  2016- Many eyes appear to be on the State of Florida as it relates to the GOP.  Florida may have two emerging candidates for the GOP Presidential run and both potentially possess the possibility of actually being electable by the process.  Top possible contenders include Marco Rubio and Jeb Busch.  Add to the mix other GOP forces including Rich Scott, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  As the GOP works on its strategy-no doubt Florida will play a Key role-although having never had the Whitehouse occupied by a State Resident,  Florida will be pivotal & critical State in the 2016 Presidential Election.


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